Star Laraine

Star Barkman is a fine artist, based in western New Jersey, who specializes in portraiture, face painting, and interior/exterior murals. 

In 2011, after completing my BA in visual arts with a focus on drawing and painting, I started a small design company working primarily with small businesses and families.

My business services focus on seasonal window displays, storefront window advertisements, graphic exterior murals, and decorative wall interior finishes; I work closely with clients to create and implement personalized designs to increase interest in the company's services and to draw customers based on seasonal flourishes.

I also love working with children, and for Halloween or Christmas or birthday parties, I create custom face- and body-painting designs. Since I'm also a singer/songwriter, it's easy for me to celebrate special occasions with a guitar as well as my paint and glitter kit.

Recently, I've also started collaborating with wedding photographers to transform their photos into one-of-a-kind pointillist prints.  Working with stippling is a labor intensive, but there an incredible reward as an artist knowing how your work can make someone's once-in-a-lifetime moment even more unforgettable. 

In my free time, I love to fill my sketchpad with drawing requests from my own friends and family - celebrities or still-lives. Thank you for visiting my site, and please feel free to contact me using the form below for an estimate; sample projects are also listed.

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Exterior Murals

State Farm - holiday window

RSPC - holiday window

Weichert Realtors - open house

Mike's Feed Farm - seasonal sale

Interior Murals

Private home - Golden Gate Bridge (10' x 10')

Private home - fireplace brick renovation


Chris & Aleah - pointillist wedding prtrait

Rob & Marie - engagement pen and ink drawing

Face Painting

Halloween - kids' party

Poppy K. - 6th birthday party


Pub 46 - New Year's Eve celebration


Private party - birthday sing-along


Star Laraine & Co., G.P. (2015)